As of October 16, 2019

eQSLs are NOW Accepted for all QSL requirements
This for all QSOs made starting January 1, 2017

1. WAS - Worked All States:  WAS #1 acquired by working & QSLing all 50 states. Cards must be in your possession before applying. WAS #2, etc., are acquired, if so desired, in succession after #1. The WAS #1 award will have a certificate number; This is used for acquiring the 50-50 award(s). DO NOT SEND ANY CARDS! All WAS awards are certificates...no endorsements here. All different stations must be worked for additional certificates; ie, if you eventually apply for WAS-10, you would have worked and QSLed 500 different stations!

2. YL-25:  This award is available for working and QSLing 25 different YL's. There are endorsements every 100.

3. M-25:  For working 25 mobile stations(auto, marine, aero). The same mobile stations count as an additional station in each different state, if so worked. Endorsements every 100 to whatever you can work. (Remember too, that the M-100 endorsement is for submitting an additional 75 over the original M-25 application).

4. SCA - State Capital Award:  For working 25 or all 50 state capitals. QSO's count with fixed or mobile stations. Endorsement available for working all 50.

5. DX:  For working 50, 75, or 100 ARRL Countries & acquiring all QSL cards. As you submit your application, the country names MUST be in alphabetical order.

6. WPX:  You must have a DX-50 award before any WPX award can be obtained. One USA, KL7, & KH6 prefix can be used (total=3), but these may have already been used in the DX-50 application, so be careful. Out of Canada, you may use only one VE out of VE1-VE7, plus VE8, but other prefixes will count. As you apply for any of the WPX awards, the application MUST be in an alpha-numerical order ie, C6ADV, CE3EE, KP4CD, KS6CD, PY1AD, PZ1BK, WP4Y, 8P6RE, 8R1A. QSL's = yes, for any awards if they have stateside manager; ie, SASE's, otherwise no QSL's required.

7. WASA - Worked All South America:  For working one station in each of 13 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, French Guyana, Guyana, Peru, Paraguay, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. There are no island possessions for substitution allowed here.

8. WACA - Worked All Central America:  For working one station in each of the 8 countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua. There are no island possessions for substitution allowed here.

9. TCA - Trans-Can-Am:  For working Canadian Province/USA state that border each other: ME, NH, VT, NY, PA, OH, MI, WI, MN, ND, MT, ID, WA, Br. Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. Any maritime Province can be substituted for New Brunswick; and Yukon, NWT(VE8) or Nunavut(VY0) for a VE7.

10. ASC - 26 The Alphabet Soup Certificate:  For working all 26 letters of the alphabet with the same 2 letters in the suffix (or single letter in a suffix of any 2 X 1 call) in callsigns for each letter: W0IDI or WT9I = the letter "I".

11. 50 - 50 Award:  For working 50 WAS certificate holders; give only reports & #'s. Endorsements every 25, up to 275. A separate award for 300 level, endorsements every 50 to 450. A separate award at 500, then endorsements each 100, to 1000.

12. PPC - Picture Postcard Award:  For working all 50 states and using postcards in lieu of standard QSL cards. Put callsign on the front, the normal QSO/QSL info on the back. Use postcard of local area, city or state map cards.

13. 1 - 2 - 1 Single Letter Callsign Award:  For working 50 states with 1x2 or 2x1 callsigns. W8WE, WS4B are examples. Mobile/portable only ok if in home state.

14. CIA - Caribbean Island Award:  This award is issued for working 15 different DXCC countries (all islands) in the Caribbean area; not Bermuda! Cards = yes.

15. PIA - Pacific Island Award:  This award issued for working 15 different DXCC countries (all islands) in the Pacific area, including Australia. Cards = yes.

16. MA - Monroe Award:  This award automatically acquired after obtaining awards for WAS, WACA, WASA, and TCA. Awards may be obtained in any order.

17. APA - Australian Prefix Award:  For working all 10 VK prefixes. QSL obtained prior to the start date will count if you work the SAME station on the net after the award start date.

18. 5 and 10 Award:  Work 10 different stations in each state (only 5 in ME, VT, RI, HI & AK) for a total of 475 different stations. It is called "THE SENIOR-WAS-ACHIEVER AWARD". All mobiles and portables count for this award. No QSL's.

19. 73:  For working 73 of the 84 ARRL/RAC(CRRL) sections. See all the particulars for this award on the application form.

20. USPX:  Work 150 domestic prefixes, minimum of 10 different prefixes in each of the 10 USA call districts. See the rules and particulars on the application form.

21. WAC-7:  Work ALL 7 continents; Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia (Oceania), Europe, North America and South America. Asia is difficult (but has been done).

22. IOTA:  For working 100 different islands anywhere, not necessarily different countries; Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand (North & South). Endorsements every additional 100.

23. QSO-1000:  For making 1000 official Net QSO's. They need not be all different, but must be an official Net QSO! Endorsements for every 1000 QSO's. No QSL's or list required, but must be on official Net application available here or from KJ6MS. A new certificate called the 'Master Achiever' is for QSO-30000, and further endorsements every 1000 are available -- 'Senior Achiever' for QSO-50000.

24. NAME:  For working 50 different first names on the Net. Names must be the legal first name of the callsign holder you work, as shown on their FCC (or other country's) license. Ask to be sure. Examples: Robert, not Bob; William, not Bill; Josephine, not Jo. Please use your legal name in the exchange QSO; don't expect others to know or assume what it may really be. Endorsements for 100 and 200 only! Application must include only the following information: Callsign, Name, Date and Time. No QSL cards required.

25. QRP:  For working 10 different QRP stations on the Net using an input power of 10 watts or less. Stations must be individuals, not combo or club stations. Endorsements for 25 and 100 only! Application need only include the following information: Callsign, Input Power, Date and Time.  QSL cards required with input power stated by station. WAS-QRP can be applied for by QRP to QRP contacts with all 50 states.

26. TRUCKER:  For working commercial interstate type big-rigs in 10 states. No local delivery, or pick-up trucks! Remember, you are working different states. Endorsements for 25 and all 50 states. Since working Alaska and Hawaii are very doubtful, you may substitute Canadian Provinces for only those two states, and only when applying for the TRUCKER-50 endorsement. Application need only include the following information: Callsign, State, Date and Time. No QSL cards required.

27. XYL/OM COMBO:  For working 10 different XYL/OM combo stations, whether fixed, portable or mobile. However, you must work both parties at the time of contact; ie, you cannot work the xyl first, and 20 minutes later, work the om. Both parties must respond with reports and their individual callsigns to be an official QSO for this award. Endorsements for 25 and 50 only! Application need only include both Callsigns, both Names, Date and Time. No QSL cards required.

28. CLUB STATION:  For working 10 different Club stations on the Net, with endorsements for 25, 50, 75 and 100 only! Application must include the following information: Callsign, Official Club Name, Operator's Name, Date and Time. QSL cards required, with Club station name printed.

29. VETERAN'S AWARD:  For working 25 veteran's, with endorsements for 50 and 100, (also WAS); see the following link for all information: Veteran's Award

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