effective January 2, 2011

The new "Veteran's Award" will honor all the veterans that have served in their respective countries (not limited to the United States). The term 'VETERAN' refers to anyone who wore a uniform in any recognized branch of service, and does not require that those individuals had to have seen any combat service. This includes the National Guard, and/or any reserve unit, both male and female.

The initial award will be for working 10 different veterans, with at least one member of the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. DX stations (outside of the United States, that includes Alaska and Hawaii) will only be required to work 10 different veterans in any branch, which could include their own. USA stations can work veterans in DX countries, but must fulfill the initial 'one member' in each of the four main USA military branches.

Endorsements will be for 25, 50 and 100. These endorsements levels will not require any particular numbers in each of the branches, only the initial award. Also WAS for working Vets in all 50 states!

Signal reports must be exchanged, and the length of service in months/years is REQUIRED to be exchanged (can be relayed if necessary).

This award will have two separate entry levels: Non-Veterans working Veterans, and Veterans working Veterans. If you, yourself are a Veteran, you enter the Veteran's Level, otherwise you enter as a non-Veteran.

No QSL'S required.

See award example here

Application is here

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