Issue #23 - June 20, 2023

A Special Note to Our Friends...

2023 is becoming a special year for the Triple H Net. Our  Net Administrator - Secretary - Awards Manager, Jim Young, W7FTT  has retired from those duties. Maintaining his current health, Jim is downsizing his activities. We owe Jim tremendous thanks for the decades of tirelessly spearheading the HHH Net, providing us a unique, friendly place to make friends and build our communication skills through Amateur Radio. To continue the net in that same tradition, Ron Fial - KO7V and Mark Nodine - KJ6MS have been appointed Co-Administrators. Both are assuming the roles Jim held and are the ones to contact with questions about the net. It is our wish we continue the character of the net, now approaching its half-century of existence! We anticipate NO changes to the net or how the awards are earned. We also hope not to disappoint you in administrating the net. You may experience this transition will take time (Mark does not yet have all net materials) so workarounds are being created to address any award delays. So please be patient with us and do stay with us continuing your award pursuits.

Basic Guidelines for Net Operation

Net Control Stations (NCS):  - - KJ6MS - - KO7V - - KB9AZZ - - KN6Z - -

When checking into the Triple H Net, give your call, name, QTH and State (Country or Province). Please refrain from the use of phrases like 'check-in', 'break', 'query', etc., as this slows down the Net. If several say "check-in" at the same time when the NCS asks for your callsign, there will be more than one callsign to copy. Please, only use your callsign as you attempt to check-in, relay, break or query the net. Note that check-ins are taken by USA call districts, but DX can call in at any time. Regardless of the number in your callsign, check-in with the call district you reside/are located in; i.e., if you have a #3 in your callsign, but reside in the state of Minnesota (call district 10) check-in only when the 10th district has been called for check-ins. If you have something for the entire net, just give your call and Net Control will pick you up. This directed net deals with DX and "Worked All States" contacts, therefore it does not handle any traffic (except in an emergency), and operates from a compiled list. When your turn comes, you may complete 1 call with up to 2 attempts, or as directed by the NCS: do exchange reports and your name. Rag chewing is not part of the net; short conversations can be made if and when the net is not too busy. If you ever wish to take a station (especially DX or a rare state) off the net frequency, you must receive the net control's permission and you must bring that station back to the net! NEVER relay a report: callsigns and names can be, but never ever the reports! Please refrain from asking for a rare DX station's QSL information. The info can be obtained later when the net is less busy. Do not talk to or acknowledge any of the 'lids' or QRM'ers on our frequency. A major problem that really troubles Net Control is that too many stations try to relay. Although net operation needs your help, relay only when recognized and directed to do so. ONLY give your callsign, don't just start relaying info. The NCS always designates specific relays: please, please let these stations do all necessary net operations. It's very rare that we need more than three relays!

The Triple H Net Administrator/Secretary/Information Center
(This 'general' information is for those who lack internet access, and want this material on paper)

A complete information package containing the general guidelines for the Triple H Net, with some historical background, complete award details, along with an application to obtain Worked All States on this Net can be had for $1 (one 'green stamp') and a #10 SASE with two "Forever" stamps; any of the award application forms for merely a business size SASE with proper postage: four different forms for one Forever stamp; 5 - 8 forms for two stamps; 9 - 12 forms for three stamps. Please send your request (be specific as to what you actually want sent back in your SASE) along with your callsign to the Net Administrator, KJ6MS, Mark Nodine, 1625 S. Siesta Avenue, West Covina, CA 91790. All correspondence MUST INCLUDE YOUR CALLSIGN! Postal rates are subject to change.

The Triple H Net QSL Bureau is now managed by Kathy Fial. Please see the QSL Bureau page for new information.

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